Office space movie analysis

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What “Office Space” Teaches Us About Employee Engagement

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Office Space Movie Analysis: What happens when you stop caring about what other people think? Well given what Office Space was all about and why it gave solace and comfort to so many.

Office Space is a American comedy film written and directed by Mike Judge. It satirizes the everyday work life of a typical mid-to-lates software company, The studio suggested that he make a movie like Car Wash but "just set in an office". Even if you haven’t seen Office Space, I’m sure you’ve heard someone say they have a case of “the Mondays” at one point in time.

The movie, released inexplores the worklife of main character, Peter, and a handful of his peers who are unhappy with their jobs at a software company called, Initech.

You do have to be mad to work here

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Jul 24,  · Movie Analysis of “Office Space” Peter Gibbons is a disgruntled programmer working for Initech, a company plagued by excessive management.

Office space movie essay

Peter spends his days “staring at his desk” instead of reprogramming bank software for the then-expected Y2K disaster.

Office space movie analysis
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