Multicultural lesson plan analysis

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Multicultural Math: Lessons from the Mayas

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Edu230 Week 6 Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis By Chrisjones Issuu Plans Elementary P

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) Objectives ) The student will be able to discuss types of cross-cultural messages typically found in cross-cultural ads. Cross-cultural ads are ads that make a connection between at least two different cultures.

) The student will be able to apply knowledge about types of persuasion to the analysis of a particular cross-cultural ad using. Lesson Plan1 Subject: Cross­Cultural Communication Develop capacities for analysis and constructive communication/dialogue 1 Lesson plan created/compiled by WAC-DC Spring Global Education Graduate Associate, Tony Harris.

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In both lesson plans, this would mean that the instructor would clarify everything from the lesson topic to the assessment at the end, including all the information in between (key terms, materials, and example, etc.). Cultural Diversity Teacher Resources.

Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis Essay Sample

In this cultural diversity lesson plan, students define culture and discuss the diversity of culture that exists in the world. Students determine whether or not there is an American culture.

Through pictograph analysis, discussion, research, and an .

Multicultural lesson plan analysis
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