Intro to psych meta analysis

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The Meta-Analysis Process

Meta-analysis is a set of statistical procedures designed to accumulate experimental and correlational results across independent studies that address related sets of research questions.

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You must turn off your ad blocker to use Psych Web; however, we are taking pains to keep advertising minimal and unobtrusive (one ad at the top of each page). Meta-analysis has become a critically important tool in fields as diverse as medicine, pharmacology, epidemiology, education, psychology, business, and ecology.

Introduction to Meta-Analysis: Outlines the role of meta-analysis.

Meta Analysis (Meta-Analysis)

The Logic of Meta-Analysis • Traditional methods of review focus on statistical significance testing to decide “whether or not” there is an. That may be true, but researcher Hayeon Song and colleagues, after a meta-analysis of studies linking Facebook and loneliness, concluded that loneliness was causing more Facebook use, not vice versa (Song, Zmyslinski-Seelig, Kim, Drent, Victor, Omori, and Allen, ).

Intro to Psychology: Chapter 1. STUDY. PLAY. psychology. scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

critical thinking. meta-analysis. statistical procedure for combining and analyzing data from many studies. theory. systematic, interrelated set of concepts that explain a body of data.

Intro to psych meta analysis
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