An analysis of bipolar disorder

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Causes of Bipolar Disorder

Also, the identification of biological markers for other disorders represents a promising area of value and will likely bring about improvements in the engineering of the BD diagnosis in the deceptively future. Another step to treating cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder is to identify and treat subclinical symptoms and comorbidities, including substance use disorder, anxiety, attention deficit.

Sep 18,  · An analysis of all 11, bipolar disorder cases and 51, controls confirmed genome-wide significant evidence of association for CACNA1C and identified a new intronic variant in ODZ4.

The Scientific World Journal

We identified a pathway comprised of subunits of calcium channels enriched in bipolar disorder association intervals. Bipolar Disorder Pipeline Analysis.

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The “Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) – Pipeline Insights ″ report covers an in-depth analysis of bipolar disorder drug molecules currently undergoing clinical studies. It provides a deep understanding of potential bipolar disorder drug molecules across all.

A life event may trigger a mood episode in a person with a genetic disposition for bipolar disorder.

Even without clear genetic factors, altered health habits, alcohol or drug abuse, or hormonal problems can trigger an episode. Among those at risk for the illness, bipolar disorder is appearing at increasingly early ages.

Analysis of Cognitive Impairment Tx Strategies in Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is thought to be a neurobiological disorder in a specific part of the brain and is due to a malfunction of certain brain chemicals, including serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. During the last few decades, there has been growing interest in identifying and treating cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder, especially as it persists in remission periods.

In this analysis.

An analysis of bipolar disorder
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Quantitative trait analysis of bipolar disorder - NeuRA